New Year to Soar!

I wanted to come into 2020 with something inspirational and powerful to say to my "audience". While I sat stewing over what my first post in the new year would be this is all I could come up with but it is authentically me. 

I have a tendency  to set unrealistic expectations for myself, which then turns into unrealistic expectations of others, which then leads to disappointment. Over the past few years, especially 2019, I have learned to be kinder and more graceful to myself which has made me a happier person. This has also allowed me to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister and hopefully therapist. I have been able to prioritize relationships and let go of things and people in my life that did not bring me value or lift me up. 

So coming into the new year, be sure to be kind and graceful to yourself when you are setting your goals, intentions, resolutions or whatever else you wanna call them. You have got this in 2020 and you have control over how to live your best life in 2020! My intention and goals to you will be to always be authentic in what I put out there!

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