Benefits of Teletherapy

We are all very busy these days and can find it difficult to schedule much needed appointments, including therapy. With the use of computers, smartphones and social media it is so convenient to connect with people via video.

Teletherapy is done through a secure real-time video format and is much like an in-person appointment. You log in, wait for your therapist and have your therapy session. In doing teletherapy I have found that most people are comfortable with the video format, even those people who were skeptical. In fact, as a therapist I was worried my patients would not be able to connect with me the same as in person. I have found that patients are still connecting with me and in some instances, are even more comfortable via video.

Here are some of the benefits of teletherapy:

1. Done from the comfort of your own home (or place of choice).

2. No commute or traffic.

3. No need for childcare.

4. More convenient appointment times.

5. No wasted time sitting in the waiting room.

6. Increased comfort level being in your own space.

7. No need to take time off from work.

So, if you have been putting off scheduling therapy due to not being able to find the time, lack of childcare or energy to wrangle the kids up to get out of the house for yet another appointment or any other reason that has been holding you back from taking care of YOU, now is the time to schedule yourself a teletherapy session. Start working on being the best version of you and prioritize yourself! Now there's no excuse to putting your happiness, joy and overall life satisfaction first. #teletherapy #anxiety #depression #perinatal_therapist #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #videotherapist #videotherapy #perinatalmentalhealth #notimelikethepresent #selfcare #prioritizeyourself #marylandtherapist #southcarolinatherapist #mentalhealth

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