My Story

I am a transplant from Maryland to South Carolina. My family and I wanted to live a slower lifestyle as well as be in warmer weather. I am married with two girls who have brought so much joy to my life (but not without a lot of adjustments and challenges along the way). I have found parenthood not only to be the most joyful time of my life, but also the most challenging. My journey through my career and parenthood continues to be a work in progress to ensure I have balance in my personal and professional life.

For this reason my journey as a wife, mother, therapist and all the other hats I wear has led me to recognize the importance of self-care, work/life balance and to be kind to myself. My goal is to pass tools along to others so that you can feel happier, more balanced and fulfilled in all of the roles in your life.  While I do have a very special interest in perinatal mental health, I also very much enjoy working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, parenting, difficulty with life transitions/adjustments and life stressors.


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